Kid-Friendly New Years Eve Festive Party Hats

DIY blue paper hats with multi-color fringe tassels on top

Created by: Amy Christie, this heart of mine

Ring in the New Year with the little ones, even if the night ends at 9 p.m.! Get started by making your own party hats with fabulous tassels so that you’re topped off for the festivities!

Things You’ll Need:


  1. Print off and cut out the party hat pattern.
  2. Trace the pattern on the colored cardstock and cut out the shape.
  3. Layer three sheets of tissue paper, measuring about a 3”x4” rectangle. Repeat this step with other colors of tissue paper to make a multi-color fringe tassel. 
  4. Using the scissors, make vertical cuts at the top of the tissue to create fringe.
  5. Roll the tissue into a tube and secure with a dot of glue. Layer two colors of tissue paper to make a multi-color fringe tassel.
  6. Glue the rolled tissue paper to the “point” of the cardstock shape.
  7. Roll the cardstock to form a cone and secure at the edge with hot glue. 
  8. Use the hole-punch to create two opposing holes near the edges of the hat.
  9. Cut a piece of elastic string and tie through each hole to create a loop. Fit to the head.

By putting in a little extra effort, you and the kids can look like a million bucks on New Year’s Eve. And everyone can feel like they contributed to the party’s success!