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Premium Bird Houses See Through Window Nesting Box with Clear Back for Outside

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Wakefield premium birdhouses are hand-crafted in the USA and made of only the finest, sustainably-grown Eastern White Pine Wood. Eastern White Pine is an ideal material for birdhouses because it provides superior insulation during the summer and winter months while remaining light in weight and easy to hang. The back window/screen of the window nesting box is made of plastic, which enables you to observe the birds throughout nesting season - watch birds nesting, eggs hatching and the baby birds as they grow up, making the Wakefield window nesting box perfect for bird watching, entertainment or educational purposes. Why do we use a plastic screen instead of a one-way mirror? A one-way mirror, when used in conjunction with a nest box, is a virtual guarantee that it will not be occupied. A bird, seeing its own reflection inside of a nest box will interpret that reflection as being another of his or her own specifies, and will either become aggressive or move on. Since nesting birds need privacy, we recommend that you keep the window shade behind the nest box closed except when observing nesting activities. The window nest box should be located on a first floor window with trees and/or bushes close by to provide cover for nesting birds as they enter and exit the nest box. This will also provide the birds with shade, as an unshaded location with full sunlight may be too hot for nestlings. The 100% silicone suction cups will indefinitely stick directly to the outside of your window or patio door. Each Wakefield Bird House is constructed to last and includes a brochure that describes the species, placement and maintenance of the birdhouse.

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