The Simple Truth® About Fair Trade

The Simple Truth® About Fair Trade Certified™

From coffee to coconuts, we believe that responsible sourcing matters. That’s why we continue to increase the availability of Simple Truth® Fair Trade Certified™ products in our stores.

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Learn how Simple Truth sources their tea in an organic and sustainable way all while being Fair Trade certified.

Simple Truth® Fair Trade Certified™ Sourced Coconuts

What Does the Fair Trade Certified Seal Mean?

Fair Trade helps ensure responsible practices and safe, healthy working conditions on the farms where products are grown. To be certified Fair Trade, producers must meet rigorous standards, which cover areas like child labor, maternity leave, water conservation and the elimination of harmful chemicals.

Fair Trade also helps empower farmers and workers to actively improve the future of their families and communities. Through Fair Trade, farmers earn a Community Development Fund with every sale. This money is used collectively to address important needs in the community, such as education, healthcare or water access. The most powerful part is that it’s up to the farmers to decide how these resources are allocated.

What We’ve Achieved

Simple Truth® has launched 80+ Fair Trade Certified products that support communities in more than 19 countries across the world and has generated over $1 million in Community Development Funds. Thanks to your purchases, communities have been able to invest in healthcare, education and scholarships, calamity funds, feeding programs, waste management infrastructure, replanting, emergency relief during the COVID-19 pandemic and much more.

We’re proud of our Simple Truth® F air Trade Certified™ products, which have helped empower farmers, sparked sustainable business and supported thriving communities.

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