How to Wrap a Present

How to Wrap a Present

Publish Date November 7, 2023 3 Minute Read

Gift Wrap 101

Why keep the best gift wrap hacks under wraps? We’re letting them out of the box, so you never have a crisp corner catastrophe or bow blunder again.

Basic Gift Wrap Checklist

  1. Wrapping Paper
  2. Gift Boxes
  3. Ribbon or Twine
  4. Double-sided Tape
  5. Scissors
  6. Tags
  7. Bows

How to Wrap a Gift

1. Cut Wrapping Paper

Roll out your wrapping paper and place the box facedown on top of it. Wrap the paper around the box until it meets the other side of the paper (cut 2” further than that point so it’s wide enough to cover both sides). The paper on the ends should extend about 3/4 the height of the box. Cut so the other side matches.

2. Fold Over & Join Ends

Fold the long side in about 1” over the box, then add tape. Pull the other side of the paper tightly and make a crease on the other edge to form a seam. Fold the extra paper under, create a sharp crease and add tape.

3. Close Open Ends

Fold the paper into a triangle shape and make a crease (fold the end flaps in for a crisper triangle). Cut off any excess paper. Tape top flap followed by the bottom. Repeat on the other end.

4. Add the Extras

Secure bows, ribbon or twine, a tag and whatever else gets your holly, jolly.

Holiday Gift Wrapping Hacks

If you’ve mastered the fold and crease, go on and see how to get a little “extra” with star-shaped packages, dried fruit and more. Warning: Gift recipients may have trouble bringing themselves to tear open your works of art.

Holiday Gift Wrapping Hacks

Think outside the box and make presents feel even more special with these simple yet charming gift wrapping hacks.

How to Wrap a Gift Card

1. Wrap it in Gift Wrap

Simply follow the steps for How to Wrap a Gift above.

2. Use a Box for Your Gift Card

You’ll need a small, shallow box with a lid. Add tissue paper, secure the lid with tape and top it off with a ribbon and bow.

3. Bag it Up

Add tissue paper to a small bag. Then, create a tissue paper topper by folding a sheet into a triangle and folding it in half again. Pull the non-openended corner and pinch it tightly so you can fluff the corners of the opposite end of the tissue paper upward.

4. Put the Gift Card in an Envelope

Choose an envelope that’s about the size of the card (adding a note to the envelope can be a nice touch). Seal with a sticker.

Clever Wraps for Gift Cards

Check out fun and creative ways to give the presentation of this miniature-size gift a big glow up. Spoiler: They’re super cute.

Clever Wraps For Gift Cards

Surprise your friends and family with this fun and interesting way to wrap a gift card!

Turn Paper Grocery Bags into Gift Wrap

On a budget and looking to reuse, but really impress? Our paper grocery bags are elf-approved.

1. Cut the Bag

Cut along the edges so it lies flat, cut off the bottom of the bag and lay the bag out flat.

2. Wrap the Gift

Place the gift on the bag with the bag’s design facing inward (unless you want to show off your favorite grocery store, of course), and follow the How to Wrap a Gift directions above.

3. Decorate

Paint the paper with whatever festive design you have in mind.

Well, now you’re ready to roll. When it comes to gift wrapping perfection, we know you won’t fold (unless it’s step 2 in How to Wrap a Gift.) And remember, we have all the gift wrap supplies, gift cards and more you’ll need in-store and online…it’s go twine, people!

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