Infused Water Ideas to Keep You Hydrated

Infused Water Ideas to Keep You Hydrated

Publish Date April 23, 2023 3 Minute Read
Author Kroger Health Team

We all know that staying hydrated is vital to our health, but that can be difficult if you prefer flavored beverages. Enter: infused water! With infused water, you get the appropriate hydration and the flavor of juices or teas - but with no added sugar. You can start meeting your hydration goals by making water fun and fruity.

Benefits of Drinking Water

Did you know your body is about 60% water, and your blood is 90% water? Water keeps your entire body functioning properly, so it’s important to ensure you’re getting the right amount every day.

Water supports your body in so many ways:

  • Blood: Water enables your blood to carry oxygen and nutrients to your brain, heart, kidneys and muscles.
  • Digestive System: Not drinking enough water can cause constipation.
  • Joints: Water lubricates your joints so they can work at their full potential.
  • Kidneys: Water can prevent kidney damage and disorders.
  • Skin: Water helps support skin health.
  • Teeth: Water helps to lower your risk for tooth decay.

How Many Ounces of Water Should you Drink Each Day?

For you to feel your best and for your body to function correctly, you must drink water throughout the day. According to the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, an average healthy adult living in a temperate climate needs the following daily fluid intake through water, other beverages and food: About 125 ounces (15.5 cups) for men and about 91 ounces (11.5 cups) for women.

While it’s common advice to drink 8 glasses of water a day, this amount could vary depending on a few factors:

  1. Exercise: When you sweat, you lose fluids. Be sure to drink water before, during and after your workout.
  2. Environment: Sweating in hot or humid weather causes you to lose fluids faster.
  3. Health: If you have a fever, vomiting or diarrhea, you need to hydrate more with water, or follow a doctor's recommendation to drink oral rehydration solutions. Also, certain health conditions may alter your fluid needs.
  4. Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Fluid needs increase for pregnant and lactating women.

If you aren’t drinking enough water, you risk becoming dehydrated. Some warning signs of dehydration include weakness, low blood pressure, dizziness, confusion, or dark urine. Even mild dehydration can have negative effects on your physical and mental wellbeing.

How Do You Infuse Water?

Good or bad, your past hydration habits are now water under the bridge. It’s time to upgrade your drinking practices with DIY-flavored water. The benefits of drinking water that’s been infused with fruit, vegetables, spices and herbs go beyond simply providing your body with much-needed hydration; infused water can also satisfy your cravings for something sweet, fruity and refreshing.

Here are tips to keep in mind when creating your own fruit-infused water:

  • Chop or slice fruit and remove any seeds before using.
  • The longer your water infuses, the stronger the flavor. Refrigerate your fruit and water combo anywhere from 15 minutes to 24 hours. Any longer and the water may taste bitter and the fruit and/or herbs may start looking limp.
  • Refill the pitcher with water as you drink. Though each batch will be milder in taste, the ingredients will continue to infuse.
  • Tap water works well, but you can brighten things up by using sparkling water instead.
  • If you’re entertaining, fill a beverage tub with ice to keep your infused waters chilled. For variety, make multiple flavors and use glass carafes or individualized mason jars to show off the ingredients.

What Are Some Popular Infused Water Recipes?

These recipes are super-easy and guaranteed to please. Just place the fruit, herbs and ice in a glass carafe or water bottle, fill with water and refrigerate.

  • Orange + blueberries
  • Apple + blackberries
  • Kiwi + strawberries
  • Watermelon + fresh mint
  • Cucumber + lime + fresh mint
  • Pineapple + coconut
  • Blueberries + raspberries + strawberries + blackberries (or any combination of berries)
  • Orange + grapefruit + lemon + lime
  • Lime + peeled ginger
  • Honeydew + fresh basil
  • Lemon + fresh thyme
  • Cantaloupe + fresh mint + blueberries
  • Mango + blackberries
  • Blackberries + fresh rosemary
  • Grapefruit + blackberries
  • Pineapple + fresh mint

You can also have fun creating your own infused water combinations. Choose your add-ins and raise a glass of infused water to celebrate proper hydration. For more healthy living tips or more information on staying hydrated, try working with a registered dietitian by scheduling an appointment today.

Disclaimer: This information is educational only and not providing healthcare recommendations. Please see a healthcare provider.

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