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Quickasteam Large Microwave Steam Bags

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Steam cook your vegetables, chicken and fish in just minutes with no mess and no need for steaming equipment. Simply cut your food to size, place in bag and microwave. Steam cooking retains the flavour and nutrients better than any other cooking method. It's quicker too. Quickasteam bags made in UK - steam cook in microwave with no fuss or mess. Flavor nutrition retained better than other cooking methods low fat - no oil or butter needed. Super-simple - just put food in bag, seal and cook. Save money over prepackaged steam bags. Cuts cooking time to 1/3 of stove-top cooking. Instructions and cooking-time guidelines included. Great for fresh or frozen vegetables, chicken, fish and more.

In-Package Weight: 0.155 Pound

In-Package Dimensions: 6.2 Inch x 8.35 Inch x 0.45 Inch