Shopping List FAQs

    How It Works

      Go here to view your shopping lists.

      We’ve made adding items to your list quick and easy. Select the “Add to List” button to add individual items to your Shopping List.

      You can also manually add items to your list. In your Shopping List, simply enter the item name select an “Item Category” and select “Add Item” to complete.

      You can use the plus and minus signs to adjust the quantity of the item up or down. Or, simply enter a number for the quantity you need. You can use the “Remove” link to remove items from your list.

      Yes! When you use your digital account on multiple devices, your Shopping Lists will synchronize automatically between all of your devices.

      Note that synchronization between your devices can only occur when internet connectivity is available.

      Your Shopping Lists are always stored with your digital account. If your device crashes or you upgrade to a new one, simply sign into your digital account on your new device. Your Shopping Lists will appear automatically.

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